We are Professional Tax Consultants, specialising in Individual Personal Tax.
We register tax payers for eFiling and submit on your behalf. We will address all relevant queries relating to your tax submission.
We assist existing eFilers with tax submissions.
Submitting a tax return can be done by any tax payer who is a registered tax payer.
This can be either submitted manually or by eFiling.
eFiling is the very easy part of your yearly tax filing, BUT eFiling submission is the end process.

As a tax payer, you can discuss your tax concerns with a professional consultant. Feel confidant that your tax return has been done professionally and accurately.
Enjoy the feeling that your tax return and associated tax information is treated with confidentiality.


(868,562 people were registered for e-Filing at February 2017 but stood in the queues across the country to manually submit!)

Use YOURTAX123 for your eFiling Matters!

New job seekers don’t need to visit SARS to obtain a Tax Paye reference number. Employers with E@syfile can use this platform to register new employees for Income Tax.

Be more productive and save time and petrol by contacting us.

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Yearly tax submission from R400     (refer to SERVICES)

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We offer tax planning for each year.

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eFiling Matters:
Clients can be optionally registered for eFiling OR we can register eFiling for new clients  and assist eFilers with tax returns and potential tax savings.
Registered tax payers MUST explore if there are tax savings opportunities available that can be utilised and this should be carefully planned before the start of the tax year, to ensure that full tax saving benefit/s can be achieved.

eFiling Matters

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